Exposure (a TV show)

Samsung X Hulu

Introducing Exposure, a photo competition show brought to you by
Samsung on Hulu to see who’s the best mobile photographer out there.

6-episodes, 8 photographers, and $250,000 are on the line.


Branded Content

Connie Zhou and I oversaw production as we pieced together clips from each week’s episode to
create a variety of different assets that hyped up the Galaxy S21’s camera.

Times Square Ad

Introducing a month-long media budget that could’ve paid for several New York City penthouses…

Photo Challenge Highlights

Every episode contained two photo challenges. We created videos that showcased our winning photographer
as they take us through their process on how they won that week’s challenge. Spoilers ahead.

Samsung Camera Features

Each week, we pulled together moments that would feature a key aspect of the S21’s camera.

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