Kickstarter Campaign Hot Dogs

The Breakdown

Client – Daredevil Dogs, a gourmet hot dog company in Ohio.
Objective – To raise $10,000 for a Kickstarter campaign in order to purchase a Food Truck.
Problem – People don’t part with their money unless it’s for a cause they truly believe in. Unfortunately, this company didn’t have a purpose nor a reason to why they were selling hot dogs!
Responsibility – To make this young company a brand. I came up with the purpose, their story and gave them the “Why”. I was responsible for everything on their Kickstarter pitch page (excluding the video), email campaigns and their targeted social media ads.
Result – We not only met our goal but exceeded it! The project received coverage from TV news stations and reputable blogs!

Read the side notes for the breakdown and thinking behind my copy.


Kickstarter has a terrible search feature so this campaign needs to be incredibly easy to find on search engines. The brief summary gives you a breakdown and the purpose of what this project is about. Being overly creative results in confusion and people might ignore the project.

SEO Keywords:

  • Daredevil Dogs = Name of company
  • Food Truck = Objective. In case someone needed to find the campaign, food truck is in the title
  • Ohio = Location + Those from Ohio associate with it
  • Keywords in the body paragraph = Food, hot dogs, Central Ohio (another one), neighborhood

The Purpose

Now there’s a reason why this company exists.


Why do we need a food truck?

Their current store only fits 10 people and the owner mentioned they kept turning people down. There were people traveling from different states to try Daredevil Dogs. Again it all goes back to their purpose.


Pictures of the hot dogs

An absurd amount of time was spent trying to put these gifs in. Let’s stop and enjoy them for a second shall we?


The Daredevil Dogs story? And why hot dogs?

They come from a background of working in fine dining restaurants. So why not create that into a narrative?

This is a place to be yourself, fancy restaurants are opposite of that. How can you be relaxed when you’re trying to figure out which fork is which or whether the spoon is for soup or something else! The hot dog represents everything that they stand for and that is the reason why they chose it. It’s a casual food, something everyone can enjoy.

It’s traditional and an American classic. HOWEVER, it’s not your traditional dog! This one uses the techniques and preparation from fine dining!

I imagined it like this: Meticulously prepared. Modestly served.



Email Campaign

The first email that we sent had an open rate of 44%! The industry average is 22% according to MailChimp.

Targeted Social Media Campaign

More details and information will be updated when we start running more of the ads.


Kickstarter Campaign was featured on the Good Day Columbus news station, published in local articles and reviewed by popular bloggers!

Daredevil Dogs Good Day Columbus
Daredevil Dogs Blog Coverage 1
Daredevil Dogs coverage 1

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