Bose Earbuds

Be ignorant to the noise around you. Let’s create targeted pre-roll ads for people before they watch an episode of their favorite show. Our ad will attempt to give the viewer spoilers. Right before the show gets spoiled, we mute the person talking and prove how “Ignoring is bliss”. Game of Thrones spoilers Bose noise canceling earbuds transforms any space …

Microsoft Cloud + Partners In Health

Partners In Health provides medical care to the world’s poorest and sickest communities. When it’s a matter of life and death, every second counts. Luckily, Microsoft Cloud is there to help Partners In Health save the seconds that matter most. We used a series of one-second clips to help illustrate that point.


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Stance Basketball Socks

Oops, this piece got replaced. There should be something up by Thursday, so check back then!

Schick Hydro Silk

The client wanted a one-off print ad for this already produced TV spot.

NBA Summer League

Print Ads or TV Scripts Two sides. The draft picks that could become superstars. The undrafted that could become the next impact player. Below you will find:A magazine spread An enlarged version of the text Magazine spread separated into 2 4 digital banner ads (2 still, 2 animated) Digital Banner Ads

Fjallraven Ad Campaign

Fjallraven (Fiel-Rah-Ven, it’s Swedish) makes outdoor equipment. Famous for their rucksacks (fancy word for bags) + clothing The Manifesto Scroll through the 3 print ads below! This ad will be placed in areas with limited connection. Miss the picture. Save it for later. Don’t travel 5,000 miles to immediately turn your back on it. Or cover the view with half …

Kickstarter Campaign Hot Dogs

The Purpose Now there’s a reason why this company exists. Why do we need a food truck? Their current store only fits 10 people and the owner mentioned they kept turning people down. There were people traveling from different states to try Daredevil Dogs. Again it all goes back to their purpose. Pictures of the hot dogs An absurd amount …