I hate this part

So keep expectations to a minimum.

Don’t worry, I don’t look this miserable in real life.

NBA enthusiast. Devoted Googler. Awful with lyrics. Even worse at posing for pictures.

Loathes complacency. Loves travel.
Especially without a plan.
Like the time I went to Iceland. And bought a ticket the day before.

Also went solo backpacking.
65-days later, I made countless friends and many spur of the moment decisions.
Crashed in random people’s apartments. Ate. Drank. And returned home a little wiser.

Was part of a JROTC Drill Team. Spent hours standing at attention and throwing rifles in the air.
When you start comparing a berating drill sergeant to a very angry client, one starts to sound like a giggling baby angel.


My 65-day backpacking route.

The Gram