As a creative, having empathy is key…

Which is why I decided to spare you the paragraphs and show you pictures instead.

This was taken at an ancient town in Myanmar.
There were no tourists.
Probably due to the 21-hour bus ride it takes to get here.
It was freezing. Scorching hot. Then cold again.
My hut had no heaters. And no hot water.
I loved it.

He ran up to me, gesturing for me to follow.
So I did.
He led me inside the temple,
So I went.
He then yelled, “bye, bye” and ran off.
So I kept walking.
Until he popped out of a corner, shouted, “boo!”
And cut my life span by five years.

I decided to get out of my comfort zone.
Which is usually when I have both feet planted firmly on the ground.
So I climbed this billboard,
Stuck my legs out,
And preceded to feel them both turn into jelly.

Unfortunately, I’m a lot less cool in real life.