I had no idea what to write

That’s why I once backpacked across Europe and Asia with little to no planning, booked a flight to Iceland a day before the flight,
climbed mountains, scaled rooftops, and hung off billboards… all so I could fill this About Me page with something.

Don’t worry, I won’t be showing up to your office barefoot.
Shoes weren’t permitted here.

This was taken at an ancient town in Myanmar.
There were no tourists.
Probably due to the 21-hour bus ride it takes to get here.
It was freezing. Scorching hot. Then cold again.
The town had no heaters. Which also means no hot water.
Making those showers quite memorable.
Or as others might call it, scarring.

He ran up to me, gesturing for me to follow.
So I did.
He led me inside the temple,
So I went.
He then yelled, “Bye, bye” and ran off.
So I kept walking.
It got completely dark and quiet.
Until he popped out of a corner, and screamed, “boo!”

I decided to get out of my comfort zone.
Which is usually when I have both feet planted firmly on the ground.
So I climbed this billboard,
Stuck my legs out,
And preceded to feel them both turn into jelly.

It’s unfortunate… But I’m a lot less cool in real life.

Where I’ve Been

Just your everday copywriter hoarding travel stories, experiences and
locations to use for my next TV brief